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Welcome To The Defense Industry.

Who are we ?

Since 2000, construction, architectural projects, and expert staff to provide the best service in the industry Polygon continues.Every work that is done. every idea is produced in closely monitored. In efforts to inform our clients and their customers to act with the finest detail, always has been.

Our mission

Are taken to be the same with being offered a job to do.Our teams consists of professional people in the business implementation. Our work with the same staff for years, the project also provides a great advantage in the applications of us.We continue to manufacture in various provinces of the country Polygon. 

What Are We Doing ?

Step 6 Defense Industry


Polygon Manufacturing

We offer manufacture and application services with our professional team, your Polygon.


Project Consulting

Your dream of polygons that key from the drawing phase to delivery, we provide consultancy services


Polygon Permit, And The Permit Process Monitoring

Business licenses you own and monitoring with regard to the range of our professional team we follow. 


Manufacturing & application and design

Defans ekibi sizler için poligon ve mobil poligon olarak, imalatından uygulama ve dizayn sürecine kadar hizmet vermektedir.   

Target Systems

 Çeşitli hedef sistemleri konusunda hizmetlerimizi siz değerli müşterilerimize için sunuyoruz.

Ballistic Products

 En sağlam ve en kaliteli balistik ürünlerini Defans Endüstri aracılığı ile sahip olabilirsiniz  

Why can't We ?

Architects, engineers and administrative staff ; consists of experts and experienced people in the business.In all projects, to the smallest detail by analyzing proposals and offers to our esteemed clients.

We understand what we're doing, we produce high quality services for our customers in all sectors and fastidious work

In all that we do and the projects cost benefit to our customers at affordable prices and is optimized in the direction of the projects we are producing.

The first meeting is delivered to the customer from the stage of the stage with the best, most solid and most healthy our expert staff strives to give you the precision and attention necessary to implement the project.

Over 20 Years Experience In The Industry..

Completed Polygon
Continues the work of polygons
Different cities
Different companies

Do you want to be the owner of the Polygon ?

Defense Industry each polygon instead of Turkey we provide services project design and implementation. Of the year adds to the experience for us and thanks to our professional staff, fastest ,highest quality, and service we have offered the safest polygons completed in different provinces of Turkey.